Short description

During the last 10 years our company was an active player in various construction projects across Baltics and Scandinavia, gaining precious experience and creating long lasting relationships with our customers.

Our main construction managers have even more sizable experience of 15+ years in major Lithuanian construction companies.

Thus, today we are able to provide quite complete package for our clients on constructions sites: concreting works, installation of steel structures, installation of prefabricated concrete elements, installation of roof structures, installation of facades etc.

And we are not limited by type of the project, as we have participated in construction of residential buildings, offices, shopping malls, warehouses, logistics centres, hospitals, schools, production facilities etc.

We are able to deliver

Concreting works

Our specialists are well qualified to execute various cast-in-situ projects, e.g. casting of foundations, walls and floor slabs, tunnel and bridge structures

Installation of steel structures

Vast experience in installation of various frames for office buildings, schools, hospitals, residential buildings, logistic centers and production facilities, boiler plants and industrial buildings

Installation of prefabricated concrete elements

Installation of any kind of prefabricated structural elements: columns, slabs (massive, HCS, filigree), walls etc.

Installation of roof structures

Installation of various types of roofs, including load bearing structures, TRP sheets, insulation and finishing layer

Installation of facades

Installation of various facades including insulation layers, breathable solutions, wooden facades and brick laying

Construction works

Other services

Electrical services

Interior services